Initial Explorations: Type studies, branding, and visual mood boards
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Initial Explorations: Concept art for the physical training center at Nike HQ in Beaverton, OR
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Supplemental Visuals: Photo retouching and post work
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Site Comps: User flows and main page designs of proposed website

Unused Visual Directions: Early homepage explorations
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Nike Performance Center: The future destination of Nike training

AKQA was tasked with envisioning the future of Nike's training brand - both digitally and in the real world. Utilizing the SPARQ platform as a backbone we concepted what the future of training would look like. The project was broken into a few main pillars: branding (overall tone, look & feel), the physical building (which would be located at the Nike HQ campus in Beaverton, Oregon), and finally the digital aspect (website, mobile, social media). I lead the project from the visual perspective, creating all branding, visual explorations, site pages and the final presentation deck as well as directing the storyboard artist and 3D asset generation.

Agency: AKQA
My Creative Role: Art Direction & Design, Concepting & UX
Group Creative Director: Neil Robinson
Creative Director: Kim Laama
Interaction Design Director: Dan Linsky
Senior Writer: Matthew Curry
Additional Design & 3D: Eiji Muroichi
Concept Artist: Marshall Almeida
Account Executive: James Jenkins
Project Management: Chris Galvin